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Chillin On The Bars

Chillin On The Bars® Pull Up Frame

Chillin On The Bars® Pull Up Frame

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The Pull Up Frame is Designed for Calisthenics and Gymnastics Rings training. This unique Rig is strong and tall with a height option of 260cm. The Pull Up Frame is solid for Pull Ups, Muscle Ups, Toes to Bars, Levers, Hanging L-sits, Gymnastics Rings, and lots more. You can use the Hammer Pull-Up Bars attached or build without for more space on the bars.

The Pull Up Frame is made with Galvanized Steel tubes to protect against rust and can be left in the garden in all weathers. Train in the sun, rain and snow. 


  • Brand: Chilling On The Bars.
  • Grip Width max 94cm approx on one of the bars.
  • Tube Diameter 34mm
  • Large Base
  • Width 126cm Approx.
  • Length 300cm Approx.
  • Tested to 150KG
  • ︎Weight 40KG Approx.
  • ︎Allen Key included

The Outdoor Pull Up Frame in the picture is 220cm in Height.


The Pull Up Frame is assembled with clamp fittings and an Allen Key. You will receive the Assembly Guide PDF via email.


The Pull Up Frame tubes arrive wrapped in plastic, and the connections come in an unbranded, reused box delivered directly from our supplier.

Available in the UK ONLY


Pull Up Bars are usually delivered in 5-9 working days. All Pull Up Bar orders are customised and prepared once the purchase is made. Your order will be prepared and delivered to reach you as soon as possible. Your order will ship from our suppliers warehouse and delivered by DX Deliveries. Orders will usually arrive all at once but can sometimes be delivered on 2 separate days and should still arrive within 5-9 working days. On the rare occasion there is a part missing will we will get this delivered to you asap. We are not responsible for any courier delays however if there is a delay we will make sure that you receive your order as soon as possible.


Chillin On The Bars Pull Up Bars are Customised and therefore exempt from Refunds and Returns. Our Pull Up Bars are customised and parts are cut and prepared to order. Our Pull Up Bars are not eligible for returns or refunds for this reason. There are no circumstances where a refund will be given. By purchasing you agree to the Refund Policy.


We are not liable for any damage to persons or property arising from the use of this product. The Pull Up Frame has been designed for adult use. Please ensure the Pull Up Frame is safe and fittings are fully tightened before every use.


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